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Episode 30 : Castizo Futurism and California Nationalism with Robert Stark

Episode 30 : Castizo Futurism and California Nationalism with Robert Stark


In today’s episode of Walt Right Perspectives I talk to Lord Robert Stark of California.

Robert is a politically homeless “radical centrist” who was adjacent to the Alt Right back in the day and interviewed a lot of my friends on YouTube. Today he maintains his longtime podcast, The Stark Truth, and is also a prolific writer here on Substack.

Topics include:

  • Robert’s political trajectory coming out of the Ron Paul movement into a

  • Robert’s Jewish heritage

  • His thoughts on the political position of American Jews since the Gaza War

  • How the boredom of the Biden years has created a less tense environment

  • Robert Stark’s meeting with Richard Hanania

  • How recent years have driven a wedge between the Left and Liberals

  • How antiwhiteness led to an explosion of antisemitism on the Left

  • Has the boundary between Jews and whites blurred over the past few years?

  • How Walt was able to mainstream himself without denouncing the Alt Right

  • The tenability of Right Wing Multiculturalism / Castizo Futurism

  • How comfortable is Walt with immigration?

  • The resentment towards Brahmin Indians growing in Silicon Valley

  • How Walt sees outward-looking, expansive multiculturalism as more Pro-White

  • White people in America need to form the same ethnic patronage networks as immigrant ethnic groups

  • How Walt misjudged the Midwest

  • Phoenix, AZ as “20 years behind LA”

  • Arizona vs. Florida vs. California

  • Libertarianism vs. Leftism of White Californians

  • Newsom’s two year Covid lockdown

  • Walt’s childhood memories of California

  • California as an American “promised land” and the most beautiful place on earth

  • California as an important cultural counterbalance to East Coast dominance

  • DeSantis’s efforts to position Florida as the new California

  • Why did DeSantis fail?

  • Brain drain from San Francisco to Miami

  • Why has Florida supplanted Texas as the conservative hub?

  • The decentralized modern Dissident Right vs. the old Alt Right

  • Was Nick Fuentes an effective leader in the post-Charlottesville years?

  • The “Post-Left” Dimes Square / Red Square crowd

  • Walt’s prioritization of metapolitically “opening doors” for new discussions

  • Why are Hispanics in California/Arizona more leftist than in Florida/Texas?

  • Is Castizo Futurism more tenable in Florida / Texas than California?

  • Chicano Nationalism / “Aztlan” radicalism in the southwest as having contributed to Walt and Robert’s ingroup sentiment

  • Central American crime refugees and Bukele’s mass incarceration policy

  • How personal temperament impacts a person’s politics

  • The median Alt Righter was actually less racist on a visceral level than the average ”colorblind” conservative

  • Colorblindness is responsible for the worst of the Left and the Right

  • Moral implications of belief in HBD

  • How much should you talk about HBD?

  • Walt doesn’t accept Emil’s study that HBD is more taboo than pedophilia

  • How the Gaza War and extremist left wing antisemitism has expanded the Overton Window and enabled honest discussion of the JQ

  • Respects in which Walt is right wing

    • Respect for natural hierarchy as more honest than leveling

    • Respect for differentiation

    • Vitalism and support for struggle

    • Love for conflict and competition

    • Heteronormativity and disdain for Handsome Thursdays

    • Opposition to thick notion of free will and support for paternalistic incentive structures to encourage better behavior

  • Walt’s centrism on abortion and hatred for prolife maximalists

  • Robert’s futurist concept of distributism

  • Immigration restriction basically requires mass automation

  • Walt’s idea for a “grand bargain” where illegal immigrants are given legal status in exchange for guarantee that they will never be given the franchise

  • Right wing urbanism—comparing the Miami-Orlando line with San Francisco-Los Angeles line

  • NIMBYism as historical obstacle to urbanism

  • How to make YIMBYism prowhite?

  • Do you need restricted covenants etc. to sell YIMBYism to suburbanites?

  • Could you incentivize olds abandoning suburban homes to allow development?

  • Is NIMBYism necessary to prevent a mass brain drain from the interior?

  • Robert Stark’s support for “vertical lebensraum”

  • Gentrification as the future of the right and opposite of white flight

  • Walt’s desire for a “High Openness Right” that resembles the early Alt Right

  • Why conservatives suck at art

  • HBO’s Girls and The Sopranos as conservative art

  • Painting as a metaphor for ethno-pluralism

  • Robert Stark’s stance on AI Art

  • How Walt used Disney songs to explain the Alt Right, and how this resembles how Lin Manuel Miranda’s use of rap to explain the Founding Fathers

  • Mufasa was a bad ruler

  • How key changes are used to create an emotional impact in music, especially show tunes and 80s music

  • Cultural differences between the 80s and 70s

  • Why do the 80s resonate with Millennial guys so much?

  • Is Richard Spencer 80s and Jared Taylor 70s?

  • Walt’s pro-white argument for reparations

  • Walt’s support for animal rights and lab grown meat

  • Will future societies look back on factory farms the same way we look at slavery?

  • How the North was just as responsible for slavery as the South

  • The Civil War was fought for white nationalist reasons

  • High IQ people need a self-selected bubble where they don’t have to “hold frame”

  • We’re not all gonna make it—that’s just part of being a man

  • The modern world is much better for high IQ autistic guys like Walt and Robert

  • How Tinder increased the incel rate from 15% to 30%

  • How OkCupid was a much better dating platform for men than Tinder

  • Tinder model is based on Grindr model, doesn’t work for straights

  • Middle tier of guys are the ones being hurt by Tinder but won’t turn against Tinder because it has a low prestige “incel stink”

  • What makes someone “smart but poor?” What is Walt’s advice for this demo?

  • Building an income on Substack—Walt and Robert’s strategies

  • How building a social media presence is like feudalism

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